Terms and Conditions

takebonus.com is a site that provides to the users, under the express terms contained in this section, Terms and Conditions, a relevant list of online casinos and extremely attractive bonus offers, so that you can afterwards select the offers, games and casinos that match your preferences.

Given that the joining of takebonus involves the unconditional compliance by the user of these Terms and conditions, you want to dedicate the time required to carefully read these Terms and Conditions.

We also recommend that you periodically reread the Terms and Conditions so as to note potential changes. We reserve the right to make such changes at our discretion.

These Terms apply regardless of the device used to access the takebonus.com website (including desktop, laptop or mobile phone’s web browsers, digital TV, mobile phones, car computers, portable digital devices and any other mobile device or technology currently known or that will be developed in the future).

Takebonus offers you over 2000 bonus options and reference hyperlinks to the online casino site.  However, the data provided by the takebonus site are purely informative. Takebonus only  centralizes the information provided by affiliated sites and can not provide any warranty as to the terms, policy or accuracy of the information provided by those sites.


  1. Definitions
  • Content: Includes, but is not limited to, any texts, graphics, layouts, logos, images, audio files, articles, films or other moving images that are permanently or temporarily hosted on the site, as well as details about products and/or software, in any way published or available to the user on the site, or any products provided via the site
  • Materials: Includes all or parts of any text, graphics, layout, logos, images, audio material, films or other moving images, articles that appear on the site permanently or temporarily.
  • Copyright: having moral and patrimonial rights as the sole author of an original work, as presented by Romanian Legislation Art. 10 and Art.13 from Law no. 8/1996 on copyright and related rights, as well as be in compliance with international conventions which Romania has adhered to, even when the work is in an unfinished form
  • Banner: means graphic banners which takes the form of hyperlinks that appear on the site’s pages
  • Bonus: a sum of money added to a person's wages as a reward for an action or a good performance.


  1. General Conditions of Use

Takebonus grants users permission to use the services/products provided on the site, only in strict compliance with the present Terms and Conditions. Access to and use of takebonus.com are dependent on accepting and following the current rules and regulations. The following terms apply to every person who accesses and/or utilizes the website.

By accessing and utilizing takebonus.com, you agree to all of the following provisions and therefore accept a legally binding agreement to comply with all the takebonus Terms and Conditions, without exceptions. If you do not accept part of or all provisions included in the Terms and Conditions stated by takebonus, or if you have unintentionally accessed the site, without intending to accept these Terms and Conditions, or if you do not have the ability to fully understand and accept the present Terms and Conditions stated by takebonus, please leave this website immediately and do not use any of the products provided by takebonus.

Takebonus is a website meant solely for people over the age of full legal responsibility. To use the services provided by the website, you must have the legal capacity to adhere to the terms defined by takebonus and surf this site. Minors users and visitors can’t access this website.

Visitors have free access to the site and are authorized to use the site and the games made available, only in accordance with the takebonus Terms and Conditions and subject to statutory provisions, international conventions, and without violating the legitimate rights and interests of third parties.

We reserve the right to restrict or immediately suspend any user’s access to the takebonus site, without notice or motive, if any of the provisions stated in these Terms and Conditions has been breached.

The holder and webmaster of takebonus can decide, without any prior formality or prerequisite action, without notice, unilaterally, unmotivated, unconditionally and in their sole discretion, to suspend or disable takebonus. They may also unilaterally and in their sole discretion decide to deny access to any user of the takebonus website and/or access to the games.

Exploitation by third-party websites, hindering the site’s use in any way, as well as the transmission of computer viruses or other harmful materials that could compromise the proper functioning of the site are strictly forbidden. The use of any automated system, including, but not limited to, “robots,” “spiders,” “offline readers,” etc., to access takebonus website in a manner that sends more request messages to the website’s servers than a human can reasonably produce in the same period of time by using a conventional on-line web browser is strictly prohibited.


By using the takebonus website, you agree not to elude, disable or in any way interfere with the website’s security system or any other systems put in place to prevent or restrict the use or replication of content posted on the site or that may impose limitations to the site’s usage like services that are available only to certain categories of users, or which are accessible only to users from certain countries, in accordance with local laws. You also undertake the obligation not to interfere in any way with the underlying game systems offered or governing the manner of offering bonuses.


User Account Creation

All site users must be over 18 and have the legal capacity to adhere to these Terms and Conditions. Opening an account, registration, connection, use of services by a visitor or an account holder has the legally binding value of a declaration that he/she accepts the takebonus rules, that he/she has read, understood and will comply with these clauses, he/she would read and analyze all their provisions and that the information provided at the time of registration on the website is accurate and complete.

To use the full services that takebonus provides, it is necessary to register an account. Users will have to complete a form provided on the site, providing at least the following information:


  • full name and surname
  • full address of residence
  • valid email address
  • username
  • password
  • phone number
  • various information about user preferences


Information on your account can be changed at any time in the takebonus.com/my-account/ subdivision. If you partially or completely forget your login details, you can request a new password by visiting the forgot my password subdivision. If you need assistance, please contact us.

To protect your account, keep your password confidential. If at any time you feel that you were not diligent enough in protecting your authentication information and believe that a third person could access your account, we recommend that you do change your access password. You are solely responsible for the security of the device/devices you own and for all activities on your account.


  1. General Terms and Conditions of Interactive Services

It is forbidden to post comments that are threatening, false, misleading, abusive, harassing, discriminatory, obscene, libelous, vulgar, scandalous, hate speech, discrimination or racism, profanity and any other material that may constitute a criminal offense or encourage conduct that could facilitate crimes, or that could lead to civil liability, or would otherwise violate the law.

It is forbidden to post materials that would violate privacy, the personal life or any other fundamental rights of individuals.
Spam, invasion of messages, advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes and any other requests of this type are strictly prohibited.

It is forbidden to use the takebonus site for advertising purposes or for any commercial activity, request or offer, without the prior consent of the takebonus website’s administrator.

Xenophobic, racist, or obscene messages are also strictly prohibited.

Posting links to pornographic sites is strictly forbidden.


It is forbidden to gather any kind of personally identifiable information from takebonus website.

Messages are not monitored every minute, therefore the website is not responsible for their content. The full responsibility for the placed comments or posts is that of the user who created the comment or message.

The messages published in the comments are posted by users. As such, they do not express in any way the points of view of the takebonus site.

The administrator reserves the right to remove objectionable content of any comment or message, in a reasonable time, and if deemed necessary, the user will be banned. Such measures include manual processes, so it will not be possible to delete or change instant messaging.


The user must consider that whenever he posts a message, his/her IP address is registered in the event that prohibiting access to the site (or contacting their Internet service provider) will be required. This measure will be taken only if a serious violation of the present Terms and Conditions will be found.

The website’s administrators reserve the right to remove any messages and to ban the access to the website, and the the comment modules of the site to any user who does not comply with these conditions.

The user is solely responsible for the content of messages and assumes potential damages, in the event of legal action taken against the publication, except for messages sent directly to the moderator or administrator. Meaning that this web site or any site linked to this site will not take on responsibility in any way.


  1. Limitation of liabilit

By accessing and using takebonus, you acknowledge the fact that you are using the website at your own risk, as you are solely responsible for respecting the laws, the rights of third parties and the conditions under which you are provided this product.

Takebonus is not responsible for its users’ conduct and will not be liable for the damages caused by its users to third parties, as takebonus only offers a technical product accompanied by conditions and terms of use that, if obeyed, are likely to ensure compliance with the law and the rights and legal interests of individuals.

Takebonus urges you to comply with the provisions of your national law and not to make use of the services we promote in case they are banned or have a special regime in your home country. Takebonus takes all due diligence and strives to restrict access to countries and areas where certain types of games are not allowed, however, given the frequent legislative changes and the large volume of existing laws worldwide, as well as various ways in which access restriction systems can be circumvented, takebonus can not be held responsible when you violate the law, accessing the site is entirely at your own risk.


Takebonus, its owner / holder / administrator, all the legal entities and affiliated companies or those included in the same group, counterparties, employees and other agents involved in the implementation of any of the services offered on the site are not responsible for any direct or indirect loss of any nature that would result from accessing the website or in connection with use of this site or its content, even if they were previously notified of the possibility of such damages. Also, they cannot and will not be held responsible for those who use takebonus in bad faith and contrary to the law, or violating the imposed conditions.

Takebonus assumes no risk for the damages caused to the users by accessing the site, including for possible viruses or other harmful elements that cause damage to the computer or other electronic devices of the users, the network from which this website is accessed or any other loss of data. Access to and usage of takebonus shall be the sole responsibility of the user.

Takebonus is not responsible for the modification, suspension or discontinuation of the services available through the site.

For sections of the site that may contain opinions from readers, opinions responsibility for the content lies with the authors of these opinions. takebonus reserves the right not to publish those opinions that contradict the terms and conditions of use affecting takebonus any picture, image or third party partners.

Takebonus can in no way, guarantee that the services provided on the website will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free.

The material is purely informative and entertaining and cannot replace legal advice, where necessary.

Takebonus accepts no responsibility for ensuring the accuracy of the content provided by third parties.

The entire educational, social, informational, multimedia content that users access by using takebonus is hosted and provided by external websites whose content is accessible to the public.

These websites and their operators are responsible for the hosted, stored and / or retransmitted content and takebonus does not maintain any relationship with third party websites and is not, therefore, responsible for the content nor does it control the content.


  1. Links to other pages

The takebonus website contains banners and links to third party websites or other services that are not owned or controlled by the administrators of takebonus. Using and accessing any of these links is at the discretion of the user, and when these links are accessed, the users have to abide by the respective website policy. Please read the terms of use and privacy statements of all third party websites before using them or before sending personal data or any other information on or through these sites.

Also, your national law might prohibit or regulate the practice of specific categories of activities promoted by websites associated with takebonus. For these reasons we respectfully request you to document on local legislation, since accessing these links is at your own risk.

Takebonus does not control and is not responsible for the availability of these pages, their contents, any breaches of copyright, accuracy and veracity of the information these pages provide, the security it provides, whether they contain viruses or other harmful elements that threaten your computer or that may cause damage to computers or to other electronic devices, that may cause damage to the network used to access the website or any loss of data. Also, takebonus is not responsible for the type of products or other materials these websites provide, of the commercial activity practiced by that page, or of any damage or loss that the users may suffer by accessing that link or in connection with the information, content, goods or services available from those sites.


  1. Changes to these terms

takebonus reserves the right to modify or replace the content of the Terms and Conditions of Use at any time, with or without giving notice to the user. The new conditions become applicable from the moment when they were inserted into the site and they have no retroactive effect.

Any modification, no matter how substantial it may be, and the replacement of terms and conditions, is entirely at the discretion of takebonus.

Please check and review the Terms regularly, given the fact that any changes will be in effect immediately after being posted on the site. Your continued use of the website following the posting will be considered a tacit acceptance of the changes.


  1. Complaints / Support

For any questions, concerns, complaints, suggestions about the website or the services offered by takebonus, please contact us via e-mail at [email protected]